Growing Generations is proud to offer the unique web application that is Tadpoles. This allows Growing Generations to share individual information about your child’s day via an iPhone or android application or using the parents email, always safely and securely. Tadpoles knows that email is one of the most effective ways to communicate with parents, guardians, aunts/uncles, and grandparents and that is why they chose email as their primary means of communication. From your email you can watch videos, share photos, or reply back to the center director. Tadpoles replaces the original daily sheet that have been used at other centers. We offer Tadpoles to all of our families here at Growing Generations at no additional cost.  We know how difficult it can be hearing from your child that they “forgot” what they did for the day. Using Tadpoles makes it easy to see daily activities and photos. You are also able to initiate conversation that night about the daily activities that they did, making conversation more engaging with your child.

Growing Generations also uses Tadpoles as a communication tool to send out center wide information. We are able to send emails to all of our parents or notify all parents via text message of school closings or other important center information.

In our infant programs, we have frequent naptimes in which teachers are able to ensure a more constant uploading of information, pictures, and details each day. With our toddler and preschool programs they have more group times, learning activities, and are more mobile throughout the day that you may not see as many updates on Tadpoles as you would in our infant programs. We encourage our staff to make the children their first priority and always maintain an organized and fluid classroom. A lack of tadpole updates does not mean your child is not having a busy, impactful and fun filled day- in fact, it can mean the quite the opposite! All of our teachers will update Tadpoles on a regular basis throughout the day (as time allows) with key information as well as photos but please understand that the times that you receive those updates may not be consistent day to day. If a teacher sends out the daily report at any point in time during the day, you will receive updates every 30 minutes until your child is clocked out for the day.